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Nov 14, 2018

Alysa tells her friend, Claire, about the devastating and haunting 1969 cold case of young graduate student, Betsy Aardsma, who was murdered between rows 50 and 51 in the stacks at Penn State University’s Pattee Library. Over calming tea, they discuss the case, the peace that libraries should bring, and the impact of cold cases. All sources are located in show notes and images are posted on Instagram account.

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Tea from this Episode!

Special Shout-Out to my Penn State Friend Amber for taking photos of Pattee Library!

Penn State Police (Contact with Information on Case) = (717) 783-5599


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Sources from this Episode!

Mandatory Reporting in PA (started in 1963)=

David DeKok’s Murder in the StacksBook =

Derek Sherwood’s Who Killed Betsy?Book =